Georgia Presbyterian Pilgrimage

Georgia Presbyterian Pilgrimage

Welcome to Pilgrimage
formerly known as "Cursillo"

Upcoming State Events

March 30-April 2, 2017
GPP #50
Ken Hatcher, Mod.
Pinnacle Retreat Center, Clayton, Georgi

November 2-5 , 2017
GPP #51
TBA, Mod.

Looking for Georgia Presbyterian Cursillo? It's still here!

In July 2015, "Georgia Presbyterian Cursillo" officially changed its name to "Georgia Presbyterian Pilgrimage". The retreat weekend remains the same. We have a 20 year history using the "Cursillo" name, licensed to us by the Catholic Church. We are simply moving forward with a change of name but it is still the same special three day weekend with God!

Georgia Presbyterian Pilgrimage #50:
March 30-April 2, 2017

Pilgrimage is a three day spiritual retreat in which the main activity is learning about God's love and Christ's will for us. It provides a foundation for both individual and community spiritual growth. The weekend includes chapel each day, communion, small group discussions, sharing, music, singing, laughter, and prayer.

Our next weekend will be held at Pinnacle Retreat Center, a modern, full service facility click here for details

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For Information or Questions Contact Debi Elkins

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If you have trouble with the file, or if you need printed applications mailed to you, please contact the Registrar at

Cost for the weekends
GPP#50: $100

Please mail ALL Registration Forms
along with your check to

Debi Elkins
5226 Lakesprings Dr.
Dunwoody, GA 30338

GPP Council Members - 2016

Becky Laughlin - Council Chair - 2017
Ben Laughlin  - Spiritual Advisor - 2016
Gail Drinkard   - Secretary - 2018
Joe Cheak  - Treasurer - 2017
Valerie Mote  - National Rep - 2016
Richard Burge -  Outreach / Renewal Groups - 2016 
Paul Goldberg -  Outreach / Renewal Groups - 2016
Linda Snowdon - Outreach / Renewal Groups - 2018
Karen Hartley  - Outreach /  Renewal Groups - 2017
Gail Meacham  - 4th Day Coordinator - 2017
Alan Flint  - Ultreya Coordinator - 2018
TBA - Music Coordinator - 2018

Debi Elkins - Registrar

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